Today I wanted to talk about how I got my medical marijuana card so if you're interested on how I got it just keep on watching so I'm a first day that I live in Oklahoma so this is only for Oklahoma people I don't know for like other places other places might be different but this is just for Oklahoma so first I downloaded this app called weed map and it just gives you information on everything that you're smoking and it shows you the doctors and stores in your area so that's how I found my doctor um my doctor was caught with the doctor place was called elevate holistic and I did everything on touting my card everything online so so on the app it gave me directions on what to do when I found the doctor so I clicked on elevate hollo six and it told me to go to their website and I just clicked on the calendar date calendar date of the day I wanted to do that appointment and I just clicked that day and it had like so many times I could click on and so I clicked on 1140 and it was like a round 11 when I did that so it was like pretty quick on how it's a good like when how I got my own card so it was like the same day everything the same day so then after I clicked the date that I wanted I got the time and then so they had like a waiting room that I can wait and it was just a blank page you know I just had to wait there - um wait till my doctor answers my call so when she answered it it was a woman and my doctor she just we talked for probably like four to five minutes it wasn't even that long and she just asked me why I wanted the medical marijuana card and then she goes on to just tell me like the benefits from it and then just go on to tell her like why did I need it and all my situation and then she just said okay well that sounds good and then she told me she was gonna send me an email with her sign signature and everything I need to do after she sends me her signature so she told me as soon as we got off the phone I was gonna receive it but I didn't receive it and so six an afternoon but as soon as I received it told me to go to omma okay I believe and it's just a website for Oklahoma people for medical marijuana and that application costs $100 oh and I forgot to mention that my to talk to the doctor was $75 so it was kind of sketchy at first it's just like the whole website thing was kind of sketchy but it all worked out in the end so that's good but I had to pay $75 for the doctor and then I had to pay $100 for the application then I'm gonna tell you about so the application was just for Oklahoma people and it was like the government I guess and it just um it told you like directions on what to do when you do that vacation you have to have a ID from Oklahoma for your identity and then you had to have something for to show that you were living in Oklahoma so you could just use money so I used my ID and you had to do front and back and you had to make sure that it was in color so it can't be black and white or they were gonna take your application and they were just gonna tell you that you didn't get accept you have to take another picture of it just so you have to wait another 40 days and then they um ask you for a picture which is like on a white background and then you had to do like a certain length and all that and so I hide my dumbass did not read that you had to do like a starchy link link and so then so you wait 14 days for your application for them to send you the card and free email so on that 14 day I was waiting to hope to god that I did everything great but they told me that I had to take another picture and they told me that like I wouldn't have to pay anything I just had to login and I had to take another picture with the white with a white background and then they're certainly so when I sent it I had a way another 14 days so in total of 28 days I had a wait but on the forcing day of like the next time did I sent my picture I had an email saying that I got accepted and the card came in the next day and that's pretty much it I mean it was easy to get a card in Oklahoma so I know my family member in Arkansas he's trying to get one but it's like super hard over there because I know Los Angeles is like super easy to get one so to me I think lost Los Angeles and Oklahoma is pretty good like pretty easy to get your medical marijuana card you know so if you live in Oklahoma I recommend you do like what I did because on the weed maps it like it helps a whole bunch like if I didn't have that app I would have to go to a doctor's office and do all that and I would just sat in the car place having my doctor but that wasn't the best experience I had like getting my medical marijuana card it was super easy so I recommend all they all do it but this is how my medical marijuana card looks like this has that my picture and then I just say like Oklahoma medical marijuana but yeah that's pretty much it $100 to get this plus a 75 for the doctor

So now u guys can apply for card Online!